Fringeworthy – The Mellor Threat

Fringeworthy is a game of interdimensional exploration, primarily of alternate Earths but also the solar systems and nearby stars of those alternate earths. You play a randomly discovered person in the near future who has the ability to pass through the 25’ wide portal that leads to a network of portals and pathways that lead to these alternate Earths. You are part of an interdimensional team that operates out of the base in the Antartic where the portal is located. Nearby is McMurdo USA base.

This is considered the middle campaign of the Fringeworthy Timeline, so exploration has been going on for some time. You are familiar with the limitations and advantages of interdimensional travel and have many friends and enemies on the pathways. Characters are between 10 and 20th level. Currently characters are 13-15th level.

It is important for the flavor of the game to remind players that since only 1 out of 100000 people is Fringeworthy, that means that no explorer should be a combat monster (delta force, current airborne ranger, sas operative). Instead you should play everyday people who are thrust into role of explorer and must rise to the challenge. Since the lowest level character at this time is 13th level, you have plenty of opportunity to add combat oriented levels if you want to play a combat specialist. However, it is not recommended since most NPC’s that you meet will be lower level than you. It is the local heroes and Mellor that will chew you up. The first you should work to ally with the team, the latter are just a occupational hazard.

This is a real death campaign, but there is a resurection option that has a significant penalty. So characters should be played with the idea that death is permanent.

Equipment is the best available. There are a few supertech items availble from advanced worlds and discovered artifacts. Characters are encouraged to carry a variety of equipment on their persons and associated vehicles that will give bonuses to task success.

While your team still has the goal of finding advanced tech to help solve the crushing social and ecological problems of your home world, you also have the added task of finding a solution to the mellor threat that has decimated a number of teams in recent memory.

Mellor are homocidal shapeshifters of various sizes and abilities. The least form feral swarms of regenerating mouths with feet that can chew through a stone foundation given time. The most sophisticated versions yet found are huge, cunning combat monsters that can take any shape they please in a short period of time. They are bottled up on their worlds by the defense system of the Fringepaths and need the Fringeworthys’ shapes to defeat the system’s sensors.

Game sessions are on alternating Sunday afternoons from 1:30 to 6PM. Skype players are welcome.

Fringeworthy - The Mellor Threat